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                        The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company is proud to introduce our Montana Ranch Beef program which offers quality finished dry-aged Angus cattle sourced from within Montana. We draw these cattle from ranches in Beaverhead, Broadwater, Cascade, Deer Lodge, Gallatin Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Madison, Silver Bow, and Powell counties.  These cattle are raised on the open grasses of Southwestern Montana and then finished in Stanford Montana on a diet of wheat, barley, whole grains, grasses and no GMO’s.

                        Montana Beef is highly prized across the country and other countries for its quality and beefy flavor. All beef is not the same and like fine wines develops its taste and flavor profile from many factors such as genetic traits, climate, and geographic location and source nutrients. It is these nuances that create the unique texture and umami, (Japanese for pleasant savory taste) that leads to a memorable dining experience. That experience is the goal of Montana Ranch Beef.

                        Like our Wagyu beef all of our Ranch beef is processed under USDA inspection and is dry-aged in carcass form for a minimum of ten days in a climate and humidity controlled cooler. We offer the full selection of cuts and processed products that we have been known for in our Wagyu program as well as specialty cuts and custom orders. Additionally, our “Chef Ready” approach means you won’t have to “clean up” our loins and you will maximize your yield.  All of our cuts are cryovac wrapped and can be offered in either a fresh or frozen format. Finally, and not to be over looked Montana Ranch Beef comes in at a price point that makes it very competitive and practical for a variety of applications. Montana Ranch Beef is not Wagyu, nor intended to replace it, but it is definitely not boxed beef. It is beef done the traditional way; the way beef should be done!

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